Craft Service Packages

Each of the following packages are available with either drop &go and full-service craft services. Each package includes daily replacement of tablecloths, snack baskets and containers to keep the craft services area looking fresh. please note, we require 48 hour notice on all orders.


$12 per person per day

Coffee and Tea Service

Bottled Water

Basic Craft Service Snack Assortment

Items may include an assortment of danish and pastries, granola or nutrition bars, yogurt, fruit juices, pretzels, chips and salsa or dips, nuts, assorted cookies and candles, trail mix, dried fruit, fresh fruit and veggies.

Excat assortment will vary daily.


$18 per person per day

This package offers a more comprehensive assortment with a wider variety of snacks that are appropriate for various times of the day.

Package includes:

Coffee and Tea service

Assorted soft drinks and bottled water

Assorted Meat, Cheese and Veggie Platters

Deluxe Craft Service Snack Assortment

The early morning table may include an assortment of danish, pastries, bagels muffins, fresh fruit, granola bars and cereals. Mid-morning snacks may include cheese and crackers, trail mix, fresh fruit, hummus tray, cottage cheese, yogurt pretzels, dried snack fruits, chips and salsa/dips. After-lunch choices include a variety of cookies, rice crispy treats, brownies, candies, pudding, fresh seasonal fruit and veggies, applesauce, and sports and nutrition bars. Exact assortment will vary daily.


$23 per person per day

This premium package offers all the basic necessities plus a variety of more substantial snack items, organic selections and healthier options, as well as some special treats.

The Package includes:

Coffee and Tea Service

Assorted Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Sports Drinks and Cold Teas

Bagel Platter

Assorted Meat, Cheese and Veggie Platters

Premium Craft Service Snack Assortment

Healthy Options Tray(includes variety of vitamins, herbal supplements, immune system boosters and other items)

The early morning table includes a selection of Danish, pastries, doughnuts, muffins, bagels, cream cheeses and lox, an assortment of cereal, dried fruit, fresh fruit platters, and a yogurt buffet with fresh fruit, nuts and toppings. Mid-morning snacks include meat and cheese platters, trail mix, fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, beef and turkey jerky, a large assortment of dried snack items, chips and dips, and fresh vegetable platters. Afternoon snacks may include an assortment of cookies and candies, pudding, granola and nutrition bars, trail mix, nuts, and more. Special items might include an afternoon Red Bull or Hot Spiced Cider or cocoa on cold and rainy shoots. Exact assortment will vary daily.



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